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Neil Patrick Harris cast in - wait for it - Gone Girl

Neil Patrick Harris:
Is he Desi Collings?
It's an almost Dunne deal;  Rosamund Pike has officially been offered the part of Amy Dunne but still hasn't "officially" said yes - that hasn't really changed since my post on the 18th of March. With that 'news', we also learned that Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry have both been cast. 

No word on who they're playing but I have a couple of guesses. Neil Patrick Harris could be Tanner Bolt, the spray-tanned celeb lawyer, OR my guess; Desi Collings, Amy's boyfriend from her boarding school days who still sends her 'thick, padded envelopes that Amy tossed unopened after showing them to' Nick.  Harris is a gifted comedian(How I Met Your Mother) and the BEST Tony award show host EVER but he hasn't had much of a chance to flex his dramatic muscles lately; I think he's perfect for the good-looking wealthy WASP and former boyfriend.

'In Amy's stories he was a pale Romantic figure, and their courtship had been of the boarding-school variety; chilly football games and overheated dances, lilac corsages and rides in a vintage Jaguar'. ... After Amy cut it off with Desi, he still lingered around the Wickshire campus, a ghostly figure in dark blazers' ... 'Amy returned from a dance one February night to find him lying on her bed, naked, on top of the covers, groggy from a very marginal pill overdose. BUT HE STILL PHONED HER.'

Writer, director, actor Tyler Perry: Detective Gilpin?
Tyler Perry could be Jim Gilpin, the detective in charge of the case - it matters not a bit that Perry doesn't match the 'rangy and thin' description - his partner Rhonda Boney, is a bigger role as I recall from the book. I would expect it to be a key role in order to tempt Tyler Perry, best known as the incredibly successful writer and director of all those Tyler Perry 'Madea' movies where he plays Madea. What do you all think? Who is Tyler Perry playing in Gone Girl?

I'm really excited to see the rest of the cast; especially all the women. Besides the great parts of GO, Nick's hard-drinking twin sister, and Detective Boney - who Nick finds 'surprisingly ugly - brazenly, beyond the scope of everyday ugly' and then goes on to say he has an affinity for ugly women because he was raised by a trio of of ugly women who ' were all smart and kind and funny and sturdy, good, good women.'  An admission from Nick on page 47 that had me questioning whether a wife killer would feel this way about women.

Plus there's the slew of crazy women on the periphery of the case; Frito-pie pushing Shawna Kelley who's putting the make on Nick, Noelle Hawthorne their neighbor and self-proclaimed best friend of Amy - the woman Nick doesn't even know. Hilary Handy, an Amazing Amy stalker. Desi's mother. A nice lineup of whackos.

In the words of Nick Dunne  "Women are fucking crazy."