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House of Cards stars deliciously sleazy Kevin Spacey

Have you been watching House of Cards on Netflix? If you're not a Netflix member I think it's worth at least signing up for their 30 day free trial; all thirteen episodes of the series are available. Based on the British television show, itself an adaptation of the novel by Michael Dobbs, our yank version features a machiavellian Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, Democrat and House Majority Whip. I first blogged about it in February of last year here.
I haven't read House of Cards, nor have I seen the British show which I understand was really first rate.  BUT the Netflix series - up to episode four at least - is amazing!  
Kevin Spacey is so deliciously slimy with his southern accent all slippery and sleazy as he plays one politico against another. Only an actor of his caliber could look the audience directly in the eyes and deliver one his fourth wall-breaking sermonettes on the rules of the game and escape caricature. Yet he does. Robin Wright's Claire, Frank's wife, is much more subdued; she's definitely conflicted and yet as cold as she can appear, and as scheming as Frank is, the two share a genuine relationship that looks an awful lot like love. 

Corey Stoll is intense and magnetic as a divorced dad and representative with an abuse problem; I'm also super excited to see him as Paul in This Is Where I Leave You.
Kate Mara is interesting as the young beltway reporter rapidly on the rise due to insider info Frank feeds her. I'm not keen on the developing storyline between the two of them; episode four got creepy. Still, I'm addicted. And even without marathoning it, watching all thirteen episodes within the free trial period will be a breeze. We might keep it on though, I'm curious to see their original series based on the book Orange is the New Black.