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Tiger Eyes takes to twitter

Willa Holland plays Davey in Tiger Eyes
Judy Blume and son Lawrence, the director, on set
As 'Janie Come Lately' to the Tiger Eyes movie based on Judy Blumes's 1981 YA novel - I learned about the project a day or so ago - I want to make sure fans of the book know that the screen adaptation is being released on June 7th in a handful of theatres and VOD. The movie is super low budget  ($2 million) with zilch for marketing, which I'm blaming for my ignorance of the film's existence until a week prior to its' release date!  Apparently, Ms. Blume, already an active presence on twitter, has been tweeting on Tiger Eyes ' behalf to try to make up for a lack of advertising funds.  Hopefully Judy Blume's YA fans will spread the word and support the film. The independent film world is fraught with challenges similar to those met by independent booksellers trying to compete with Amazon; a victory for one indie is a victory for all. Huzzah! 

If you want to show your love you can follow the film on twitter at @TigerEyesMovie
and on Facebook.

Tatanka Means
Check out this lovely NY Times piece on the mother and son adaptation of Tiger Eyes starring Willa Holland (Arrow, Gossip Girl) as Davey, Tatanka Means, seen most recently as Seeker Hawk in The Host, as Wolf, handsome young Native American. Amy Jo Johnson,(Wildfire) plays her mother.

I found Chelsea Clinton's Rock Centerpiece on Blume on youtube; the video features both Judy Blume and her son, Lawrence who co-wrote and directed the film, but focuses on Judy.  She's so warm and empathetic ~ and I love what the 75 year old says about scratching the surface and finding a twelve year old girl.

I'm featuring the trailer on my front page and here as well. Looks good, right? Makes me kinda wish I had a teenage daughter I could take to see the movie ...