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Juliet by Anne Fortier: Who would you cast?

A fan of Anne Fortier's Juliet and waiting for the screen adaptation? If you've been waiting patiently since Paramount and Montecito picked up the film rights with James Mangold set to direct, back in the fall of 2011, there's  finally some good news; Eyal Podell and Jonathon Stewart have been tapped to pen the script. Progress! According to Deadline, the pair apparently has a 'hot' Seuss script making the rounds.

The Story from Pulishers Weekly:
Fortier bobs and weaves between Shakespearean tragedy and popular romance for a high-flying debut in which American Julie Jacobs travels to Siena in search of her Italian heritage--and possibly an inheritance--only to discover she is descended from 14th-century Giulietta Tomei, whose love for Romeo defied their feuding families and inspired Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Julie's hunt leads her to the families' descendants, still living in Siena, still feuding, and still struggling under the curse of the friar who wished a plague on both their houses. Julie's unraveling of the past is assisted by a Felliniesque contessa and the contessa's handsome nephew, and complicated by mobsters, police, and a mysterious motorcyclist. To understand what happened centuries ago, in the previous generation, and all around her, Julie relies on relics: a painting, a journal, a dagger, a ring. Readers
Willa Holland for Julie?
enjoy the additional benefit of antique texts alternating with contemporary narratives, written in the language of modern romance and enlivened by brisk storytelling. Fortier navigates around false clues and twists, resulting in a dense, heavily plotted love story that reads like a Da Vinci Code for the smart modern woman.

Sounds intriguing, eh? Without reading a word I'd cast Willa Holland as Julie in a second. Holland is an amazing young actress you can see in Tiger Eyes currently in theatres and on demand now.  How about you; who would you cast as Julie?