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First trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Oh my. The first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street has just been released. The film based on Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role, and as you can see from the trailer, Jonah Hill as his trusty sidekick. Matthew McConaughey,looking way too gaunt and acting -  well - pretty creepy, also stars. The cast also includes Jon Favreau, yummy Kyle (Friday Night lights) Chandler, Rob Reiner and Jean Dujardin. 

The trailer which features Black Skinhead by Kanye West could be called Gatsby Meets Spring Breakers.  The whole thing looks crazy and out of control mirroring the mad rise and downfall of Belfort, a greedy bastard and total scumbag. Hope that's clear!

Was Jordan Belfort a real life Gatsby? In terms of the accumulation of wealth by unsavory means, possibly. Ok, probably. But that's where it ends. Belfort was and is a sleaze without a romantic bone in his body. Gatsby may have been a fraud but he always tried to behave like the gentleman he aspired to be. Nope. The money and externally extravagant lifestyle is where the similarity ends. Let's see where the film take us, but the trailer, by using the same kind of hip hop music Gatsby featured, and by having Leo introduce his character in Gatsby-esque tone and body posture - not to mention the champagne toast pose, makes some clear comparisons.

Check out The Wolf of Wall Street trailer, see what you think.