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Listen to Julianne Moore sing with The Kills in 'What Maisie Knew'

What Maisie Knew opens today in L.A.; my understanding is that it's in limited roll-out but I'm not sure where besides the usual big city suspects. In the screen adaptation of Henry James' novella, Julianne Moore plays Maisie's divorced mother Susanna, an aging rocker. (more on the story, including a trailer with music by STARS here) In the film she teams up with real-life rock group The Kills, singing two songs with them on the soundtrack, “Night Train” and “Hook and Line.”

EW has an exclusive audio stream of both recordings plus the score from the gorgeous soundtrack; the What Maisie Knew theme is especially lush. The soundtrack is available on i-tunes now. Take a listen and see what you think. Do you buy Julianne Moore as a rocker, albeit an 'aging' one? Either way I'm pretty psyched to see this one; I'm eager to see how they've 'adapted' the story. Surely she can't be as despicable and selfish as she is in the book.


The accompanying article also includes a snippet of a photoshoot that Susanna and her daughter Maisy (Onata Aprile) do as publicity for her world tour. It looks like she's really working that rocker vibe - I think Moore is so cool she can pull it off. EW reports that directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel wrote the following in the soundtrack's booklet. “Before production began, we took Julianne Moore (an avowed ‘non-singer’) to see The Kills perform. Watching her watch the band was incredible: She couldn’t take her eyes off [lead singer] Alison [Mosshart].”
"The EW exclusive stream of the full soundtrack includes the score by Nick Urata and the ethereal closing credits song, “Feeling of Being,” by Lucy Schwartz."

You might also be interested in this L.A. Times piece with Julianne on playing Susanna, Ida Farange in the novel.

Which I read and have mixed feelings about; I'll have to get it sorted at some point.