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Kiss and Tell: Behind the scenes of Behind the Candelabra

HBO has released an extended behind-the-scenes look at Behind the Candelabra, the tv movie based on Scott Thorson's memoir about his life with Liberace. The Steven Soderbergh film starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon airs this Sunday at 9PM EST.  The buzz, as I buzzed yesterday, is that it's brilliant.  The 15 minute piece includes interviews with the actors - including the question of kissing each other - as well as archival footage of Liberace and some of his opulent homes. The production and costume designers share some of the amazing stuff they created for the film - sumptuous costumes bedazzled with crystals, a cape hand-sewn with ostrich feathers; diamond-encrusted pianos,  a reproduction of the reproduction of the Sistine Chapel that Liberace had painted on the ceiling of one of his homes. There are no spoilers so feel free to view; unless you'd rather not know how they make delicious Rob Lowe look so hideous?
Rob Lowe plays a plastic surgeon in Behind the Candelabra
Behind the Candelabra extended behind the scenes look 14 minutes