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Great Gatsby B-Roll: This is one big fat spoiler alert

"Gatsby? What Gatsby"  
spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler 

The notion of a spoiler alert seems ludicrous for the hugely hyped film version of the 'great American novel almost every American had to read in high school. However I recognize that not everyone in the world has multiple copies of The Great Gatsby on their bookshelves.  So if there are things you don't want to see or know about Baz Luhrmann's splashtacular adaptation, don't watch the following B roll footage showing Luhrmann, the actors, et al at work (and play) behind the scenes on The Great Gatsby. Quite a bit is without sound but there are times when you can hear Baz speaking with the actors, rehearsing and using his hands to frame out his camera's position. At moments the hands-on director almost seems to give line readings to both Edgerton and DiCaprio. Kind of cool to see the cast watching themselves on the monitor holding 3D glasses up to their eyes!

To create the lavish party scene at Gatsby's mansion, Lurhmann combined scenes shot on location in Sydney where St. Patrick's Seminary doubles for Gatsby's mansion, as well as on a Sydney soundstage where Luhrmann's production/costume designer - and wife - Catherine Martin had Gatsby's pool set constructed.  
You can get a look at other sets and locations at my post Gatsby is in the House; a look at Chez Jay

Favorite bits: Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire dancing a vigorous 1920's number; Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher share a decidely off camera laugh; the beginnings of a wild party at Tom and Myrtle's city hideaway; anytime Leonardo DiCaprio is on screen. 

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