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The Garden of Last Days movie based on Andre Dubus III book is OFF!

 MAJOR BUMMER! After getting all jazzed about James Franco directing the screen adaptation of The Garden of Last Days (see post below) I just learned from Deadline that James Franco, who was set to direct, exited the project just two weeks prior to filming! According to the report, Millenium Films nixed several key crew members hand-picked by Franco. Apparently they didn't have enough experience to satisfy the bond company. For now the project is a total no-go and a major bummer to me; Andre Dubus III's The Garden of Last Days was a fantastic book, dark and riveting, with all the key elements to make an equally fantastic film.
I'll keep you posted with any news. Apparently the studio has already spent half a million dollars on the $3 million dollar budgeted movie; maybe they'll find a way to save their investment and the deal.

Posted 5/3/2013
The Garden Last Days is coming fast and furious following the news that James Franco was going to direct. Now we learn the part of April, the stripper will go to Emilia Clarke, best known as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. I'm a fairly new fan of the show but it does push the boundaries with graphic violent and sexual content; Clarke's body has often been on full display in Game of Thrones, so the 'stripping' part of playing the stripper won't be an issue. She's talented but it's annoying that Franco picked a Brit for the role of the single mother of a three year old who works at a strip club in Sarasota, Florida. I don't doubt she can play 'American' - the Australians and the Brits all seem to have that talent in their pockets - but I would have preferred a true yank. Just sayin'. I was born in England, still have a British passport so it's not that I'm a hater ... I simply believe we have many a young and talented actress right here in the good ol US of A perfectly equipped to play white trash part - with apologies to all the strippers out there.