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As I Lay Dying ... First trailer and poster for Franco's Cannes entry

Here's the first trailer for James Franco's movie adaptation of As I Lay Dying. And finally a poster! A very pleasing poster that is so strong and GRAPHIC without being graphic; I suspect it's just a placeholder created for Cannes; can you imagine a film poster without a giant head or heads on it?
They'll use this as a teaser until the film gets its distributor and then the real marketing gets ramped up. And then they'll need James. Which brings us back to Franco and whether he shoulda even tried to make this adaptation and you know what - and this won't be delicately put - I'm really fed up with critics and the voices of those who don't have a clue how to 'do' themselves but quite gleefully tell those that do, why their efforts stink and why they shouldn't bother. Of course there's an important place for healthy, heck, any kind, of criticism but isn't our twitter/facebook/corpocracy world just a little overfull of the biggest bunch of whiners and kvetchers, crybabies and knowitalls ever? When we are all busy talking at people; who is there to listen? Who can hear amid the noise? And this from someone who was a total idiot on Twitter yesterday, sending out over a dozen tweets like a complete twit, and probably pissing off my peeps. I'm not innocent, that's for sure.