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Are you there Judy Blume fans? It's me, Tiger Eyes.

Willa Holland plays Davey
Strange that a Judy Blume book hasn't been made into a feature film before now. There's been television but this is the first time on the big screen: Tiger Eyes is being released without hullabaloo on June 7th. It will also be available on demand. The director is Lawrence Blume; the author's son - what absolute heaven that must have been for Mama Blume; I can only imagine how thrilled I would be to collaborate with my own filmmaker son! Blume and son adapted her novel together as well. 
On a trip to New Mexico with her mother and little brother after the death of her father in a 7-11 robbery, Davey (a teenage girl) is befriended by a young Native American who helps her find the strength to carry on.
Davey is played by Willa Holland (Arrow, Gossip Girls), Amy Jo Johnson as her mother and Tatanka Means.

Blume told EW Lawrence told EW that he first read “Tiger Eyes” when he was in college and that the book “affected [him] deeply,” in part because he and Blume moved to New Mexico when he was a teenager after his parents divorced, and he struggled there.
Lawrence said it was difficult getting the film made despite Blume’s fame and the current multiple young adult book adaptations happening at the movies.

“It’s a Judy Blume movie,” he said. “That should be enough, you would think. What shocked me was that a big segment of the business knew who Judy Blume was but they didn’t understand who she was. Part of it is that the film business is run mostly by old white men – and some young ones, too – who didn’t grow up with her books.”  That's a pretty tragic state of affairs!

Check out the trailer, see what you think.