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Silver Linings Playbook: Alternate Ending from the DVD

The Silver Linings Playbook comes out on Blu-ray and DVD just two days from now on April 30th. It has some nice sounding extras:                                             

  • Silver Linings Playbook: The Movie That Became A Movement
  • Dance Rehearsal
  • Going Steadicam With Bradley Cooper
  • Learn To Dance Like Pat & Tiffany
  • Q&A Highlights
  • and Deleted Scenes.

Along those lines, here's some alternative ending footage from the Blu-Ray/DVD release. The teenager in the Viking shirt is director David O. Russell's son, Matthew; it was Matthew who inspired Russell to make the film.

I can see why this footage was discarded. There are some nice moments, - especially the bits between Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker (ie 'fajshooole' ) - but the mean 'joke' towards the end is completely counter to everything the movie is supposed to be about. I'm just dumbfounded it even made it on film (or digital?)! What do you think? Am I out of line?

Silver Linings Playbook - Alternate Ending 4:18 minutes