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Oh God, not another Great Gatsby trailer

Is that what you're thinking about me posting a new Gatsby trailer?  "Oh God, not another Gatsby trailer."  Because that's what I thought when I saw it.  Not that I don't love this stuff; clearly I do. But this one has quite a bit of new footage; at this point I feel like I'm perilously close to having seen the entire movie. And this probably won't be the last as we ramp up to the May 10th opening. Just because I already know the story doesn't mean I want to see every nuance of Luhrmann's vision ahead of time.  Oh, the irony; me bitching about new bookish movie news but there it is. Don't ruin my fun. Having seen it once, I look away or switch channels when the TV version pops up.  If you haven't seen it and want to take a peek - I wouldn't - here it is. It features a new song collaboration by Fergie, Q-tip and GoonRock.  At least I know who Fergie is, I gather some of you may be familiar with the other two.

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GATSBY Trailer 1:30 
'A Little Party Never Killed No Body"
 But you don't have to watch it!

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  1. Le sigh. Maybe the young people these days like to know everything about what they'll be getting in a movie ahead of time, but it bugs the crap out of me. That being said, I totally would have watched this trailer but the computer I'm on doesn't have Adobe flash and thus I cannot. ;)


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