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Much Ado About Nothing: A pretty pair of posters.

Alliteration aside, these posters pack a powerful punch. Sorry, I'll stop, but seriously don't they? The decidedly contemporary black and white images accentuat-ed, on the left, by the tart tangerine type and cocktail and, on the right by the sharpish pink of the clean and blocky font, both tease Joss Whedon's hyper modern, Shakespeare without fear approach to  Much Ado About Nothing. Modern in all respects but the language which remains true to the original so brush up your Shakespeare and be prepared for rhyming couplets. Actually, doesn't it always amaze you how easily understood the great bard's language is in the right hands? Both the director and the actors are unabashed Shakespeare-lovin' geeks so the right hands have it; check out how fresh and funny it all reads in the trailer. (below)

Much Ado About Nothing comes out June 21st. 

Make some ado!

In an EW Q and A, Alexis Denisof, Benedick to Amy Acker's Beatrice, weighed in on the poster art and a couple of other key questions.

How does the image on this poster capture the feel of the film?
I love this poster. I think the image really captures the spirit of this movie. It’s amusing and unique and eye-catching. I think it was a good image to choose. This image of Fran [Kranz] in the pool with the snorkel mask and a martini glass just sums up the quirky, fun easiness this movie has. 

How would you describe your interpretation of Benedick?
My take on Benedick was to make him a real guy. A lot of real guys don’t know themselves as well as they think they know themselves. So he starts out thinking he’s John Wayne and then falls in love and, in so doing, becomes Jerry Lewis and when he comes to terms with being in love, that’s when he becomes a real man. So that’s the evolution I tried to find in the play with this particular character.

Denisof's description of a man in love, the notion of turning into Jerry Lewis, is so right on. Ahh, love; it makes fools of all of us doesn't it?

Read the complete piece here  

I've already shared the trailer but in case you missed it, here it is again. So worth watching again!    I dig the crazy beat of the trailer's score too -  definitely worth a Huzzah!