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L'ecume des Jours: Ou est la subtitles?

When I posted back in January about L'ecume des Jours - the French film based on the novel written by Boris Vian in 1947,  I couldn't lay my hands on the trailer.

Here it is en francais and ooh la la, Michel Gondry's film is a visual feast. Not so surprising when you think of the imaginative visual world Gondry created for his Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Roman Duris stars as Colin, a well-to-do inventor who falls in love with Chloe (Audrey Tautou). Their problem? Choe becomes ill when a water lily enters her lung and the only cure is to be constantly surrounded by flowers. It's good to see Audrey Tautou look more like a real woman, less a caricature of her iconic Amelie character.
L'ecume des Jours (Mood Indigo for English speaking audiences opens in France on April 24th; we're waiting to see when it will land here in the states. For now at least, none of the trailers come equipped with English subtitles.


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