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World War Z: New trailer features Brad Pitt and family

Paramount just released a new World War Z trailer. Like GATSBY, World War Z was supposed to come out last December but instead the movie was pushed back for reshoots including a change in the ending. The premise of the book is that the events unfold years AFTER  the zombie wars, in the movie the wars are obviously in full swing during the action.                The Story: "United Nations employee Gerry Lane (PITT) traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself."

I never thought I'd say this but watching this just-released trailer for World War Z; the movie based on Max Bennet's book looks pretty good. The buzz is that it's a disaster but for me, seeing Brad Pitt as dad to two daughters pushed my buttons. It was meant to; obviously he'll have to save his family and the world from a zombie attack; that's fine with me. I have no doubt Brad is just the man to do it. Just the very handsome man to do it. 

There's plenty of action in the trailer - a truck hurtling through the air in a busy Manhattan  intersection, airplanes overhead - yes, a bit of a cliche - crowds of zombies - seen only from a distance and looking a tad too CGI here -  but it's Pitt the father that interests me. Part of the beauty of his amazing performance in Moneyball was how he connected with his young daughter played by Kerris Dorsey.  I don't know why it should be surprising that beautiful Brad would come across so strongly as Dad, he clearly revels in the role in his real life, and judging from this trailer, it looks like he's nailed Dad with a capital D again. Not a big deal but it seems clear that the ease that he slips into this role on film is due in part to how well he wears the role in his private life. There's a lovely moment in the beginning of the trailer - just before all goes haywire - where he and his wife (Mirielle Enos) are playing a guessing game with their daughters as they're stuck in traffic. The soft, teasing way Pitt asks "Is it on the great plains of Africa?" which he clearly knows it isn't, and the daughter's giggling 'silly-daddy' response reveals a strength and fullness to the relationship that pulled me in. World War Z is clearly a life and death battle to save the world but it's the fight to save Pitt's family that will count most when it comes to emotional punch. 

Back to the disaster behind the scenes; the production was reportedly so packed with drama that according to Vulture, Brad Pitt and the director, Marc Forster were no longer on speaking terms at the productions' end and which is why both Damon Lindelhoff and Drew Goddard were brought in to fix the ending. The film comes out June 21 - it's Paramount's big summer blockbuster (they hope).  Catch the trailer ... what do you think?