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The Movies Based on Books: 2013 (at long last!)

I've been a lazy blogger, neglecting to post this year's list of books to read BEFORE you see the movie. If you checked out my page: Books to Read BEFORE you see the movie 2013 there were a measly couple of entries. BUT I've been busy playing catch up and am three quarters of the way through updating the list so take a look here to see what's up next.

While release dates are subject to change without notice I'll continue to update the list when I get new info. As always, some of these films are in limited release and may not make it to a theater near you. They will, however, all be available on DVD, BluRay, video on demand, HuluPlus, NetFlix etc etc one day.

The list is definitely a work in progress and I may have failed to turn up a few, but so far I'm excited to see The Great Gatsby, What Maisie Knew and The Spectacular Now. How about you?