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Locations shots from The Company You Keep movie

Canada stands in for the USA in The Company You Keep 

Yesterday I posted my take on Neil Gordon's The Company You Keep, the book behind the Robert Redford movie opening April 5th. The movie, directed by and starring Redford, was filmed in Canada, with Vancouver standing in for Manhattan and the University of British Columbia playing the University of Michigan campus...if the movie is true to the book.

I found these shots over at yvrshoots.com, a pretty nifty site where photo-journalist Susan Gittins blogs about film and television shows filming in the Vancouver area. You can see more TCYK images here, which she shot way back in November 2011! Today she has shots of Rainn Wilson and Dennis Haysbert filming the pilot Backstorm for CBS. 
The University of British Columbia stands in for the University of Michigan in this scene with Britt Marling (Rebecca, an investigator's daughter) and Shia LaBeouf (Ben, a young reporter)

Filming at the GORGEOUS Hotel Georgia - the hotel's sign must be off-camera but notice the lights are out?
Redford ushers his daughter (Jackie Evancho) into the hotel.
 In my post yesterday I wondered how
 Redford's screen adaptation of The Company You Keep would handle all the flashbacks to the past that Neil Gordon lingers over in his novel.  I couldn't imagine how he would show these aging activists and dissenters in their wild and woolly youth. 

There were no credits for a young Jim Grant(Redford's character) on IMDB.com but it wasn't possible that Redford was planning on playing his 20 year old self. I figured the only alternative was that Redford planned to focus on the manhunt and on the characters as they were at the end of the line, looking back. 

I found this long fifteen minute Q&A from the Venice Film Festival where Redford talks about why he focused on the manhunt and how he ended up casting the likes of Julie Christie and Nick Nolte,  as well as the politics - and his feelings about those politics - of the film. He is so serious. Shia LaBeouf does a really good job of sitting next to Redford politely, trying to look like an engaged listener. They've edited the Q&A so it's all Redford's stuff but there's another 3 minute clip devoted to Shia, who talks about his journalist's role as being that of the hunter.

The Company You Keep directed by Robert Redford is my featured trailer. Watch it here.

 Q&A with Robert Redford at the Venice Film Festival in September 2012. (15 minutes)

Q&A with Shia LaBeouf, Venice Film Festival (3 minutes)