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Dreaming of France: Bon Anniversaire Luc Besson

Born March 18, 1959,
Luc Besson, the French writer/director/ producer and birthday boy has one of the films on my list of Books to Read Before You See the Movie 2013. Malavita is based on  Tonino Benaquista's novel.

From Barnes and Noble: "The Blakes are newcomers to a small town in Normandy. Fred is a historian researching the Allied landings, Maggie enjoys charity work, and their kids are looking forward to meeting other teenagers at the local lycée. Or so it seems.
In fact, Fred is really Giovanni Manzoni, an ex-goodfella turned stool pigeon who’s been relocated from New Jersey to France by the FBI’s witness protection program. He’s got a two-million-dollar bounty on his head, but he and his family can’t help attracting attention (imagine the Sopranos in Normandy). And when imprisoned mobster Don Mimino gets wind of their location, it’s Mafia mayhem à la Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper, or like The Godfather as if written by Carl Hiaasen. Because while you can take the man out of the Mafia, you can’t take the Mafia out of the man."
Robert De Niro is the mafioso, Giovanni Manzoni,  Michelle Pfeiffer plays his wife and I believe Tommy Lee Jones is the agent in charge. Sounds magnifique to me!  Imagine those three in one film together - Malavita is slated to open October 18th.

Posted as part of the Dreaming of France meme at An Accidental Blog.


  1. I always enjoy French films, but I don't get to see all that many, I wish I knew more about them. Thanks for helping bridge the gap Sim.

  2. I have my son to thank for that; he's teaching himself the great directors, watching their films, reading everything he can get his hands on - I've seen more French films in the last two months than I have in my entire life!

  3. Great recommendation and I will see about renting it. (I am almost finished with Les Miserables - the book!)


    1. I am so impressed with you Genie; that's a massive book. I hope it's one of those long,long books you wish would never, ever end, you love it so much! And voila; that's why they call it a classic.


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