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Will you see Safe Haven or Beautiful Creatures this weekend?

Ouch! The critics have dismissed Safe Haven for being schmaltzy and predictable - weighing in with a really stinking 13% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoe. Who knows if they've read the book? I haven't but I know enough to expect a predictable and schmaltzy love story from a movie based on any Nicholas Sparks book. Because that's what he does. Anyway the novel's author is characteristically unconcerned. He said "It will do well; they all do." I expect I'll wait for the DVD but the Valentine's Day release seems to be doing, as Sparks predicts, well.  Deadline reports that Safe Haven opened at #2 bringing in about $10 million for the one day alone. Critics ... schmitics! (yes, auto correct, I know 'schmitics' is not a word!) And who knew Valentine's Day was such a big movie-going occasion!  

Beautiful Creatures did much better with the Rotten Tomatoes critics - but it's still a lousy 47% fresh rating.  The box office whiz folks say it came in at #5 and earned a paltry $3 to 4 million dollars. That may be due in part, to the fact that its showing in about 300 less theaters than Safe Haven. Still it's a poor enough showing for Deadline to pronounce it a bomb. Happy Valentine's Day Beautiful Creatures
Did you read the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl? Warner Brothers is hoping that fans of the supernatural book series will make this the next Twilight franchise so they're hoping those numbers get better by the time the weekend counts come in.  

If you've read either Safe Haven or Beautiful Creatures AND 
seen the movie I'd love to hear what you think?
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