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Wednesday: What I'm reading and Wondrous Words

What I just read:  Broken by Daniel Clay. Daniel has offered to do a Q&A with me which I'd like to time with the U.K. release of the film based on his book! The book was gripping and darkly funny. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one when it hits the states.

What I'm reading now: The World Without You by Joshua Henkins. Wow, can he write families and especially women! I'm nowhere near finished but I'm loving it. And casting it as I go along:)

What I'm going to read next: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green or maybe The Age of Miracles from Karen Thompson Walker. They've both been on my list for ages and I need to get crackin'. 

Especially since both are headed for the big screen. Irresistable!

That's my post for WWW Wednesdays over at Should Be Reading
My words for Wondrous Words Wednesday at Bermuda Onion come from The World Without You, the book I'm reading now.

minyan: "A couple of people wearing yarmulkes walk down the aisle looking for men to help make a minyan, and Amram gets up and joins them."  
From dictionary.com   the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present to conduct a communal religious service,traditionally a minimum of 10 Jewish males over 13 years of age   

clarion: ..."she hears her name being called out 'Lily! Lily!' like some clarion call from years ago." I've heard this word dozens of times and probably used it myself knowing it had something to do with a trumpet-like sound.  The definition refines my understanding.
Again from Dictionary.com  
clear and shrill: the clarion call of a battle trumpet.
an ancient trumpet with a curved shape.
the sound of this instrument.
any similar sound.