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The Secret Garden is getting another screen adaptation!

Is it just me or does the thought of another adaptation of The Secret Garden leave you saying why?
Does the fact that Guillermo Del Toro known for Pans Labrynth and the Hellboy films is going to direct with Lucy Alibar writing the script (she wrote acclaimed - and lyrical - Beasts of the Southern Wild) make a difference?
According to Deadline Hollywood Universal is pairing the two on yet another remake of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic childrens' book.
It may take a filmmaker of Del Toro's imaginative reach to make the sweet story of Mary, the young orphan girl who discovers a secret garden on the grounds of her uncle's manse and nurses it back to health, fresh and new again. Will he set it in the present day or perhaps the future, or will he as Sean O'Neal at AV Club quips, survey the situation and pronounce "I'm just spit-balling here, but what if we put some monsters in the garden?"  Hmmm. What if?   Are there any Secret Garden book fans itching for a remake out there?  Is Del Toro your man?


  1. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a movie version of The Secret Garden- it is a very delightful book though, I've read it a few times now.

  2. I certainly hope the director makes a traditional adaptation and doesn't do a Goth thing or try any Burtonesque fal-der-ral! A costume piece with beautiful cinematography and gorgeous natural clips would be my hope ... now who will play Mary, Colin, and Dickon?

    1. We shall see! It's set in England so let's hope for starters he stays on the right continent. I expect Isabelle Allen, the ten year old British actress who plays the young Cosette will get a shot at the part of Mary but she may be too pretty!


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