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The Perfect Oscar Shoe?

NO! This is NOT the perfect Oscar shoe!
It's a perfectly ugly shoe ... isn't it? *
Last year I was lucky enough to attend the Oscars as my brother's date - he works for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science and goes every year. For a few years his wife was sick of it all, so he started taking other family members and last year was my big chance.
But I had nothing to wear plus I was feeling heavy and out of shape and couldn't bear the thought of revealing my bare arms in a gown and besides I couldn't find a long sleeved gown that didn't look like a nun's habit. 
I went shopping with my BFF of almost 40 years. We finally found a simple velvet tuxedo at The Address in Santa Monica. It's one of those upscale boutiques where socialite types and celebs - or their assistants! -  sell off their old designer duds. They also had a gorgeous pair of Yves Saint Laurent pumps that I could walk in for $100.

You can see my post about going to the Oscars last year here if you're interested.

This year I'll be staying home in jammies, swilling cheap champagne, and stuffing my face - in moderation - with Nancy's Mini Quiche, Kaukauma port wine cheese and English biscuits. I may live TWEET during the show but I reserve the right to leave it aside while I munch and try to spot my big bro and his wife among the more sparkly invitees!

Oh and for those of you who voted in my OSCAR poll - thank you! As noted, Les Miz won (it has my vote) but we all know it won't actually win, right? It's still looking like it will come down to Lincoln or Argo, I think the betting money is on Argo has the fabulous Lincoln is a little talky and academic. Argo picked up another award - Best Foreign Film at the Cesar Awards this Friday night in Paris. Amour won almost everything else - the best film, Michael Haneke for his direction, best original screenplay, Jean Louis Trintignant for Best Actor and Emmanuelle Riva for Best Actress. 

I've seen Amour twice, btw. The first time I was just astounded such a dark and claustrophobic film could even be nominated. I was astounded as well that it left me tearless - considering the subject matter. I watched it again and got more out of it, including some tears. It's a movie that demands you pay attention, and haunts you afterward.

* a saleswoman came over as I was taking this picture with my iPhone 
"Can I help you?" 
"No thanks, I just wanted to take a picture of this shoe."
"Why, because you'd never buy this shoe?"
"No, because I have so much that would go with them. I just need to check my closet."