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Sunday Snippets: Vote for Best Movie of the Year

Cast a vote for your favorite movie in my Oscar poll. 

 There's still lots of time to vote for your favorite before the Academy Awards airs on February 23rd. I'm curious to see how our votes line up with the Academy's. As of now, Les Miserables is out front. It's my favorite movie of the year, in a year of extraordinary films. Last night at the DGA Awards Stephen Spielberg noted he wished it were a little less extraordinary! Speilberg went on to lose the Best Director nod from the Director's Guild which went to Ben Affleck for Argo. Affleck can't win the Academy Award for Best Director because he was (stupidly) not nominated by the Academy. But his movie could win Best Picture. Ironically, Argo which has been winning awards left right and center hasn't received any votes in my little poll.

Ready to vote? 
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 PS     Happy Super Bowl Sunday!