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Nicholas Sparks gets $5 Million for "The Longest Ride"

Nicholas Sparks does it again. Safe Haven is doing well, just as he said, taking in $36 million here in the states since its' Valentine's Day release...and that's without Keira Knightly who was originally supposed to play the part of Katie, which ultimately went to Julianne Hough. Now Deadline is reporting that after something of a bidding war, Fox 2000 has bought the rights to The Longest Ride.  The purchase price of $5 million is high - but par for the course for the prolific writer of schmaltzy love stories we keep paying to see ... hoping against hope this will be the one to beat The Notebook.
Like Safe Haven, The Longest Ride will be released on Valentine's Day ... 2015. That's a long long ride.  But the book first, eh? According to Spark's website, The Longest Yard will be on bookshelves September 24, 2013. 
Can you wait?

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