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New trailer (video):The Company You Keep directed by Robert Redford

Thriller addicts: there's still plenty of time to read Neil Gordon's The Company You Keep before Robert Redford's screen adaptation hits theaters in L.A. and NYC on April 5th... and hopefully the rest of the country shortly after! I wrote a more detailed post  last month (January 16,2013) ... today I just want to share the new trailer.

I've been critical of Redford, who directs, for his own casting. The man's a great talent but I felt the 70 year old was too old to play father to a 12 year old, played by America's Got Talent winner, Jackie Evancho. Watching the trailer again, I'm getting more and more thrilled at the idea of the movie rather than getting caught up with whether he is or isn't too old to play the part. Redford doesn't have a lot of closeups in the trailer but there is one scene showing him then and now in side by side photos. That young Redford is the actor I had the hots for :), the older man he has become is more than a seasoned star; he's an influential environmental activist, important filmmaker, and founder of Sundance, one of the most influential festivals in the world of independent film making.
Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon, Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Chris Cooper, Sam Elliot, Julie Christie and Nick Nolte also star in The Company You Keep.

The Company You Keep Official Trailer 

I've been waffling about what to read next; I think I'll give Gordon's book a go.
What are you reading this weekend?