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New Catching Fire movie posters released: This girl is on fire!

We all know that with the huge success of the first Hunger Games movie and now Silver Linings Playbook that this girl IS on fire! Jennifer Lawrence's The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie has just released two more posters for the movie which comes out November 22. But where's the fire?

Am I the only one confused about the iciness of the look compared to the more fiery
graphics of the first poster released?

While I have tons of time before the movie comes out, maybe I better get busy so I understand the new look!
Here's a look at the first teaser poster I shared awhile back ...


  1. Maybe the "fire" on Catching Fire was too blatant and that's why the chose to go with the opposite. I think the new poster doesn't have enough contrast.

  2. Yes, it would seem the publicity dept was appealing to more Sci-Fi types♫ Regardless, I'm sure it will be a hit! My SS: http://lore-eleven.blogspot.com/2013/02/tic-tac-toe-skyscapes.html

    1. It is bound to be a huge success - and I expect I'll enjoy it. I did the original anyway.


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