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Happy Birthday Mr. Steinbeck

John Steinbeck
Born February 27, 1902   Salinas, California
Died December 20, 1968  New York, New York

The Grapes of Wrath, The Pearl, East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row. Steinbeck's novels have been adapted for the screen many times over and in several languages. Check out the complete list on imdb.com  and for more info on the Pulitzer Prize winning author, visit the National Steinbeck Center on line ... or if you're out west, stop by for real in Salinas, California before hopping over to Monterrey Bay.

We watched The Grapes of Wrath on TCM; read my thoughts here.


  1. Just want to say there's a new adaptation of East of Eden reported, but the article dates back to '09, not much has been found since. Who's the director? Tom Hooper. Maybe he's just too busy with Les Miz. Can't multi-task when you're directing. Hopefully one day we'll see his version.

    1. Really! Can you send me the link? I just mentioned that to my son who who knew about it too - he'd been on an anti-Tom Hooper rant at the time(he's not a fan of The Kings Speech) and was really annoyed at the idea of Hooper adapting one of his favorite books. I think Les Miz turned him around though. I wonder how Hooper would approach it ... "there's not much point in doing another film based on the last 30 or whatever pages of the book without James Dean" so says Russell. LOL


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