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Crappy Photo : Cool Subject

This is Randy's Donuts, home of the World's Best Donuts, so they say!  I was driving home down La Cienega the other day and was stopped at a red light long enough to snap this crumb-y shot.
The building was constructed in 1953 and is often cited as an example of programmatic or mimic architecture. I'm not sure if this is actually a programmatic building since it's really just the sign that's shaped like a donut as opposed to the structure incorporating the donut shape, like the Brown Derby restaurant below.  Still pretty cool though.  In that so ugly it's cool L.A. kind of way.

Photo: Chalmers Butterfield
I didn't take the picture of the Brown Derby so it doesn't qualify for the Saturday Snapshot meme hosted by Alyce at At Home with Books, but I just had to share the image with you. My first boyfriend, Eric Friend, took me on a date to the Brown Derby back in 1973 (I think!).  I was twenty and incredibly excited and nervous to be eating at such a famous and expensive place. I remember it was dark inside and the rest is a blur ... I think because we had a fight and I've blocked it. The restaurant was torn down years ago and the top 'o the derby has been moved to the top of this mini-mall close to the Derby's original Wilshire Blvd location called Brown Derby Plaza Center.

Photo: Ellen Bloom
I'm glad that I got to eat at the real deal
just like Lucille Ball.