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Broken, Movie Based on Book by Daniel Clay

A special welcome to readers from the U.K.   
I'm pretty excited because the award-winning film Broken comes out over on your side of the pond on March 8th.  The movie is based on the book by England's own Daniel Clay and the reason I'm jazzed is that Daniel was reading my blog one day and has offered to answer some questions for us! He also said we could do a signed book giveaway!  More info on that in the next Broken post.

I've got my own list of questions but I'd also be happy to pass along yours as well so pipe up and let me know if you have any!
I'm particularly interested in how it felt to have his debut novel snapped up for adaptation as well as how he feels the finished film compares to his novel.

Eloise Laurence & Tim Roth

Check out the book's description from Barnes and Noble...
Until that fateful afternoon, Skunk Cunningham had been a normal little girl, playing on the curb in front of her house. Rick Buck­ley had been a normal geeky teen­ager, hosing off his brand-new car. Bob Oswald had been a normal sociopathic single father of five slutty daughters, charging furiously down the side­walk. Then Bob was beating Rick to a bloody pulp, right there in the Buckleys' driveway, and life on Drummond Square was never the same again. Inspired by Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird, Clay's brilliantly observed and darkly funny novel follows the sudden unraveling of a sub­urban community after a single act of thoughtless cruelty.
I'll be posting my own review a little bit later down the road but obviously I wouldn't be interested in communicating with the writer if I didn't think the book was pretty special.
Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of what I'm talking about. Broken is directed by Rufus Norris and stars acting heavyweights Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy along with a luminous young newcomer by the name of Eloise Laurence as a girl named Skunk. Roth plays her dad. Murphy's character Mike is both her nanny's boyfriend, as well as her teacher in her new school.

Don't forget if you have a question, I'll be happy to pass it on to the author of Broken, Daniel Clay.
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