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The Man from Primrose Lane attracts Bradley Cooper

source: thefml.net
Lucky book, that's all I can say! The novel from James Renner came out just shy of a year ago, now Deadline is reporting that Bradley Cooper has signed on star in the screen adaptation of The Man from Primrose Lane for Warner Brothers. He'll play David, a crime writer investigating the death of a hermetic man everyone knows as The Man from Primrose Lane.  
Film School Rejects snarked "In The Future, All Films Star Bradley Cooper" because hey, the man is on a very nice run right now. Looking at the book synopsis I'm excited to see him tackle this one. We know he can handle 'broken' vis a vis Silver Linings Playbook and the stuff about the 'reality-altering power of his own obsessions' brings to mind Limitless and even his haunted character in The Words.
Chad Feehan whose short list of credits include scary stuff like Paranormal Activity 4 and Beneath the Dark is 'penning' the script. (Truth- do you find that usage of 'penning' pretentious?)
Anyway, here's  hoping he gets it right.

Here's the synopsis via Barnes and Noble:
In West Akron, Ohio, there lived an elderly recluse who always wore mittens, even in July. He had no friends and no family, and was known only as the Man from Primrose Lane. And on a summer day, someone murdered him. Fast-forward four years. David Neff, the bestselling author of a true-crime book about an Ohio serial killer, is broken by his wife’s inexplicable suicide. When an unexpected visit from an old friend introduces him to the strange mystery of “the man with a thousand mittens,” David decides to investigate. But the closer he gets to uncovering the man’s true identity, the more he begins to understand the reality-altering power of his own obsessions—and how they may be connected to the deaths of the old hermit and David’s beloved wife. Deviously plotted and full of dark wit, James Renner’s The Man from Primrose Lane is an audacious page-turner unlike anything you’ve ever read.

What do you think, is Bradley Cooper right for the part? 
Is this a movie you'd like to see?