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The Golden Girls: May they reign supreme!

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The Golden Globes should be good fun tonight. No matter who wins and who loses I KNOW Tina Fey and Amy Poehler won't disappoint.
Update: Just for a laugh, I'm live tweeting from my couch! Follow me on twitter!
As to winners and losers, I'm honestly of the opinion that all of these nominees, whether they are actors, writers, directors, costumers etc,  are masters of their art and there aren't any losers. Despite their brilliance at lampooning, I don't think Tiny and Amy will be quite as mean and snarky as Ricky Gervais was. It would be fabulous if they foster both a comic and a celebratory atmosphere in light of what has turned out to be quite a good year for film. Television too for that matter!  
I'm going to do my usual TV awards thing - except last year when I actually got to attend the Academy Awards!! - and that's sit back with cheese, crackers and champagne, comfortably dressed in my husband's flannel pajamas and enjoy the show. I hope you do too.  But not in my husband's pajamas please!   If I'm feeling the competitive spirit I might download a ballot at the Golden Globes site and make a bet with MLH to make it more interesting. 

I am especially interested in the screenplay category although I hate the fact that the Globes lumps in original screenplays with adaptations. Fiction lover that I am, I'm rooting for David O. Russell for what he did with Silver Linings Playbook but everyone expects Tony Kushner to win for Lincoln, another exceptionally fine film. Again, they're all examples of excellence in achievement! 
Here's my take on the Silver Linings Playbook movie as well as what I thought of the book

And here's the full list of nominees in the Best Screenplay category:
Best screenplay - motion picture
Mark Boal, "Zero Dark Thirty"
Tony Kushner, "Lincoln"
David O. Russell, "Silver Linings Playbook"
Quentin Tarantino, "Django Unchained"
Chris Terrio, "Argo"
Who do you think deserves to win? Who do you think will win?
To view a list of all the nominees go to the Golden Globes website. You can also download a ballot and play along.

For more visit   Golden Globes on NBC

Congratulations to all the nominees!

Celebrate Excellence!