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My French Film Festival

Dreaming of France is the weekly meme hosted by Paulita at An Accidental Blog where fellow bloggers share their love of anything and everything French. 
This week I discovered a website  that promotes the exchange of culture between America and France. You'll discover books, French writers, new films, art, the works. I think my favorite feature is the calendar which allows you to scroll over a map of the country to find events.
I know, I know. You'd rather be there. Me too but if you can't be there in person, watching a French movie is the next best thing in my opinion.
One of the events that piqued my interest was the film festival currently running. My French Film Festival is an online French film festival slated to run through February 17th. There are various ways to watch the films for a fee online, including iTunes. 
According to the site
MyFrenchFilmFestival.com is an innovative concept the goal of which is to let you discover French cinema and share your love of French films with Internet users all over the world. For its third edition, the festival returns with new foreign languages, new partner platforms and an avant-première for its launch in London
Sounds good, oui?