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Movies we love to look at: the production designers

The Art Director's Guild has a nice long list of Production Design nominees. They guild has three categories of production design: Period, Fantasy and Contemporary. This really is one of my favorite of the crafts. In fact I've a secret longing to do the job myself. Not a production designer but a set decorator perhaps. No time to wax poetically about what might have been ... it's 1:30 am and I'm exhausted ... so I'll be brief. Below is the list of nominees; I've included the poster for my current favorites in each category.  Since I love this category so much I may dig around for sketches etc for a few of these. I'm fascinated with seeing the design stage and then the finished product.  It's pure magic making!

Period Film
Argo                                Sharon Seymour
Django Unchained           J.Michael Riva
Les Miserables               Eve Stewart
Lincoln                           Rick Carter

I think everything about Les Miz is spectacular but I had to call out Sarah Greenwood. Creating the ever changing theater was a fantastic feat.

Fantasy Film
The Hobbit                      Dan Hennah
Cloud Atlas                     Uli Hanisch, Hugh Bateup
Life of Pi                         David Gropman
Prometheus                      Arthur Max
The Dark Knight Rises    Nathan Crowley,
                                        Kevin Kavanaugh

Because it's the shire!

Contemporary Film
The Impossible              Eugenio Caballero
Flight                              Nelson Coates
Skyfall                            Dennis Gassner
The Best Exotic              Alan MacDonald
   Marigold Hotel
Zero Dark Thirty            Jeremy Hindle

I just wanted to share that this film is a wild ride; terrifying, exhilirating, disturbing and draining. I watched a screener at home...I can't imagine seeing it in a theater on a big screen. It must be overwhelming!