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Jennifer Lawrence: When you're hot, you're hot

No question that Jennifer Lawrence is THE hottest young actress right now.  That's the thing about nominations and awards; while they're sometimes wrapped up in politics and popularity, they also can bring necessary focus to products and people of excellence. Such as JLaw's (popularity brings tweetable nicknames) turn in Silver Linings Playbook where she shimmers with authenticity.  Her work earned her a Golden Globe for supporting actress and she's  been suitably nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Beyond The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her outstanding performance in Winter's Bone; I also thought she really stood out in Like Crazy. Timed perfectly to go along with the Hollywood hubbub and hype of award season, the producers of Catching Fire have released new images of  Jennifer and her costars in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel. 
Note how the mocking jay pin is on-fire. And we'll see the flames flick when they animate the logo online later this year. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in Catching Fire
Photo Source all photos:   Hollywood Reporter

Liam Hemsworth, director Francis Lawrence & Jennifer Lawrence