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Jay Z or Jay G? Cruising around The Great Gatsby

I was just cruising around on this lazy Sunday and found this  Jay Z or Jay G quiz in Vulture magazine. Much is being made of Jay Z's having been hired to do the score for Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby.  This illuminating little quiz has you pick lines from Jay Z songs vs dialogue from Gatsby.

At The Daily Beast  Marlow Stern dissects the similarities between Jay Z and Jay G as well. For example, Stern tells us, both the gangsta rappa and the mysterious 'great gatsby' are both 'filthy rich' with Forbes estimating Jay Z's wealth at $500 million with Jay G's total worth being $600 million. It's worth remembering that Jay Z's bucks are real, Gatsby's millions are, well, the stuff that dreams are made of!
Left) Rapper Jay-Z in New York in August 2009. (Right) Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby", which is set to release in theaters on May 10, 2013. , Damon Winter/The New York Times, via Redux; Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

For the record, Craig Armstrong is listed as the film' s composer on imdb.com. Armstrong, the award winning composer worked with Luhrman on Moulin Rouge - similar in that it too used modern music in a period piece. Armstrong, a frequent U2 collaborator,  is a heavy hitter, having also penned the scores Romeo and Juliet (and a much younger Leo), In Time, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Quiet American, Ray, Love Actually, Must Love Dogs, The Bone Collector and more. Browse around his website to learn more.