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The Look of Les Miserables: NEW Production Design Featurette

Universal has started releasing new craft featurettes of Les Miserables. I'm sharing this one on Production Design as I expect Eve Stewart will be nominated for her amazing work here! There's some irony for me that this is a Universal picture as once upon a time I was a tour guide at Universal Studios;  for me, the parts that take place in Paris look just like that Universal Studios backlot - dressed and populated as a crowded poverty-stricken city in the middle of chaos. 

I spent a fair amount of time taking tours past, and wandering around myself, the European streets of the backlot. Cruising the empty sets is a bizarre trip into a world of wonder and make-believe, a world fabricated from foam facades, plastic bricks and candy glass.  It was thrilling, as a fan,  to press ones' palm against a 'looks like brick but it's not' wall and ponder the possibilities. For Les Miserables the filmmakers built their set, constructed with very much the same materials, as Anne Hathaway points out, from painted plastic, on set at the famed Pinewood Studios. See what Ms. Stewart and her set decorator, Anna Lynch-Robinson have to say in this featurette. While they aimed for realism, Ms. Stewart was acutely aware she was not recreating Paris for a historical documentary, and aimed as well, for the magic. I think she succeeded. 

As always watch this at your peril, it may contain...

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  1. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for this clip, Sim, and your comments.
    I cannot wait to see this movie!
    This seems to very much supersede the other Les Miserables that I loved so much [and own, and have much re-watched] -- the one with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush.
    There are definitely some tremendous things happening in movies in our time.
    I have seen a wonderful production of Les Miserables in live theatre as well, and it remains for me one of the timeless stories of all "time".

    1. Can you believe I haven't seen that one! I've got to. Glad to hear from you, Mr.Cip.

  2. You might love, love, LOVE that we're leaving comments, but I love, love, LOVE that you're stoking my desire to see Les Mis on the big screen with your multiple updates and snippets and behind the scenes looks. I am incredibly excited to see this film once it opens in our area.

  3. Now I'm embarassed about that corny 'love, love, love'!


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