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Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Do you recognize Rachel Weisz snarling as Evanora in this still from the latest OZ, The Great and Powerful poster. Judging from this image she's a bad witch, wouldn't you say?

Weisz is joined in the film by fellow witchy women, Michelle Williams as Glinda and Mila Kunis as Theodora. James Franco is Oscar (the wizard) Dibbs. The movie comes out in late March.  I don't know about this one. The 1939 film version of the story starring Judy Garland is absolutely iconic. No need to remake it, right? Still, we were stirred by Wicked the musical, which wanders around the same universe. Is there room for another Oz tale? How will this narrative fit within our expectations? Does it have something new to say? The impressive cast under Spiderman and former horror helmer Sam Rami direction makes the films' progress worth following. It's still wait and see for me.