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Opening: Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly opens today here in the U.S.  The movie based on George V. Higgins  Coogan's Trade stars Brad Pitt as Jackie, a New Orleans hit man.
Betsy Sharkey in the LA Times  says Brad Pitt "is smooth but he movie isn't"
"In all the gritty confusion of the film, Pitt's Jackie is the constant voice of reason. While his last big at-bat, "Moneyball," was a far better movie, there is an effortlessness here in the way Pitt turns small scenes into defining moments. Somehow he just keeps getting better at it (we're choosing to ignore those ghastly Chanel ads since "Saturday Night Live" has handled that skewering so perfectly)."

 That sounds promising! Will you go see it? Did you read it first?

But does it kill?