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Keira Knightly in behind the scenes (Video) for Anna Karenina #book2movie

Just two more weeks until
Anna Karenina!

Opens Friday, November 16th.
Just watching this two-minute behind-the-scenes look at Anna Karenina has me really excited. The costumes and sets are stunning. I know it's been getting mixed reviews but it does look like a bold new take on a classic that, let's face it, has been done and done and done!
Just two more weeks and we shall see.


  1. Thanks for this clip. It's astounding... even though I've seen the trailer. Good to hear KN's take on it... and she's right. Another adaptation just has got to offer something drastically different for its raison d'etre, isn't it? In our local movie listing here AK (2009) is being screened Nov. 9, before the 2012 version comes on Nov. 30. Is that ('09) the version your husband was involved in as director?

    1. Oh good Arti; I'm glad you saw it. No - he worked on the one with Sophie Marceau, Sean Bean and Alfred Molina. Also, I wish he was a director but he's an assistant director.
      Slightly different payscale I'm sorry to say!


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