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It's a rough life: Behind the Scenes on a Music Video

How can you turn your back on a view like that?!
Russell worked on a music video with his dad at this hillside mansion this week. The director, Glenn Wexler creates these amazing photographic compositions like the one below. You can see more here.  The video he's making for a group called Heaven & Earth ( a re-grouping of some former heavy metal bands) will be his first live action project.

On Day 1 Russell worked with First Team which means he met the actors when they arrived, made sure they went through hair and makeup as well as wardrobe and got them to the set. It was quite a day—half-naked women, a cigar-smoking midget, the lead male and female (a real-life couple) making out in front of him, the heavy metal band flirting with the extras.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that!

On Day 2 it was just the band which they shot individually in front of a green screen. Apparently, the plan is to put them all together later on. Anyway, my husband took the shot of Russell standing by the playback machine where he was charged with cueing the music. He had a blast and made $200 to boot! It's a rough life.

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