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Fashion: Anna Karenina Style #book2movie

That's Keira Knightly modeling the Anna Karenina capsule collection from Banana Republic.
I love how the clothes clearly take their inspiration from the movie but in such a fresh unexpected way.
Banana Republic's creative director, Simon Kneen told WWD  “It was historical but had a twist to it as well.” I'm assuming he meant the movie and can't wait to see that twist for myself. “You always take something that’s inspiring, and make it modern and relevant,” Kneen told InStyle.com. “We took the simplicity of the 1950s couture shapes—how architectural they were—and worked them back into the 1870s.”
According to Examiner.com "The collection travels time with its chic and classic interpretation of style. The traditionalist will love the feminine silhouette of sheath dresses, the vintage feel of lace, the presence of faux fur and the romance of statement jewels. Just as it touts, the "glamour" of yesteryear is "reinterpreted" for today.
The Banana Republic Anna Karenina collection features clothes and accessories ranging from $59 to $500 and is available at all Banana Republic stores and online."


  1. So many times you see these new "fashions" that look so ridiculous that no one on planet Earth would really be able to wear them anywhere, because the stuff is outrageous and downright nutty.
    But THIS stuff looks fantastic, all of it.
    The glamour of yesteryear is gorgeous in these creations.

    1. It's true they are usually over the top and these are so street ready to wear. I'm not surprised you appreciate them from a man's point of view - sexy but classy, I think.

  2. The fashions are gorgeous, but I'll have to cut off one thigh in order to fit into them. I think the Anna Karenina style is not for me.


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