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Christmas has come to town.

MLH, Russell and I went to see Skyfall at the Grove the other day. When we came out, day had turned to night and Christmas had come to the Grove! It's a little overdone but that's the Grove!

It's a popular destination shopping mall a few blocks from where we live in L.A. Looking like a faux European city, (what do you expect from a town that thrives on make believe?) it's a fun place to shop, eat and people watch. Especially since it's attached to the Original Farmer's Market, one of Hollywood's biggest attractions. 

Amazingly, just like at your mall, Santa moves in to the Grove just before Thanksgiving.  We thought that was worth a look see on our way home. Our eyes were blinded by the light  - from coming out into the darkness unexpectedly I suppose - but we finally found him, in his workshop, magically transported to Southern California.

There, at the center of the frame, you can see Santa's Workshop, right above my head. Safely inside was Santa with a line of kids waiting to tell him what they want for Christmas. Hopefully, the elves have already finished making all the toys because when we were there all they were doing was standing around taking pictures. C'mon people, Christmas is coming!
Sadly, we noticed, there were no reindeer. No reindeer! How the heck is Santa going to make his way from his west coast headquarters without his reindeer? Thank goodness we found them! The reindeer were just hanging out in yet another L.A. shopping area - Century City.

Look at them just standing around like they don't have a care in the world! 

Check out the wardrobes too! 
Good thing they'll be leaving on December 24th, it looks like these reindeer have been in Hollywood too long!

I didn't get a chance to see them all and I didn't catch their names. I should go back and look for Rudolph. Except this young lady freaks me out! She doesn't exactly inspire me to join in the Reindeer Games.
The reindeer are part of The Reindeer Project, an art project benefiting arts programs for underserved kids.  


  1. Sim, I couldn't get the link on Alyce's page to work, so searched directly. I got a page telling me your url was for sale. Not quite sure what's up there. I love your Christmas themed photos. The lights are so pretty, and the reindeer reminded me of the elephants I saw in Melbourne a few months ago.

  2. No wonder the elves weren't working. They're surrounded by shopping malls so they are just going to buy their gifts. Like Louise, the link on Alyce's page didn't work for me. But I have a direct link to you. I think you just need to go back and change the URL on Alyce's page. Here's Mine

  3. "what do you expect from a town that thrives on make believe?" I love your perspective. I can tell the town has done a credible job in that. These are most interesting shots. Great reindeers for a good cause. In our town, it's cows.

  4. Sim,

    The link you left on Alyce's At Home With Books has a little glitch. Instead of dot blogspot dot ca it is dot net, leading us to another website.

  5. Sack! What have I done! Thanks for the heads up ladies. I'm away from my computer right now, don't know if I can do it from my phone Bummer!

  6. I love all the holiday decorations!

  7. Waiting to see screening of Les Miserables in Santa Monica. Hy cow, I'm excited! Free popcorn and coke too LOL!

  8. Lovely sights! I'll add your link again for you.

  9. Love the silver star backdrop. And thank goodness you found the reindeer!

    My Saturday Snapshot

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, who knows what would have become of them!


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