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See To Kill a Mockingbird on the Big Screen


This is so cool. In celebration of their 100th birthday, Universal is releasing a newly restored print of the movie version of Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird for a ONE DAY ONLY SCREENING on November 15th.  I've never seen this very special movie on a big screen so this is a date I plan to keep! I look forward to seeing the glorious Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. It's been too long...I even have time to reread the book!

Click the link below to see if there's a theatre near you.
 Kill a Mockingbird screeninglocations.

Thanks to Meg at A Bookish Affair for bringing this to my attention. She's hosting a contest; to enter to win a copy of the To Kill a Mockingbird book and tickets visit her at
Meg at A Bookish Affair

Just for fun, I pulled some cover shots off the net. Do you think they tell the story?



  1. Interesting I didn't realize there were so many covers for this classic.

  2. I'm on my way to look at your snapshot, but couldn't help getting sidetracked onto those book covers. They are making me want to reread the book.

  3. Wow, such a variety of covers! I don't normally like movie-inspired book covers, but I actually really do like that one with Scout. The gun and the bird in the scales *does* reflect the book, but is also kind of scary...!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cheryl, Ginx and DC! I love the variety of covers too ... even the innocuous ones seem a bit dark. If you didn't know what the book is about, just looking at the one with the actress playing Scout on the cover and the one that's supposed to be Harper Lee's journal on which she's sketching the mockingbird, make it look like just another innocent girls' story. Like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. (THAT is another great book)

  5. all of those awesome covers for such a great book. Hope to see the new film as well.

    1. While it will be new to me, it's the old movie but newly restored. I'm eager to see those Gregory Peck eyes.

  6. I think the cover with the stuff in the tree is the best depiction of the story--hidden things that have to come out into the light--but none of them really does justice to this great book. The movie is wonderful, and I heard a review of the new release that said it was really beautifully restored. I don't think the movie really gives you a full sense of the novel, but it is a wonderful movie in its own right.


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