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Saturday Snapshot: Charlie the Beagle Sits in a Chair

Our beagle usually likes to be near us.  He doesn't want to sit in our laps while we pet him (actually he kinda hates that!)  but he does like that proximity.  He likes to feel us close, very close, by.  So he'll curl up on top of my toes as I sit at my desk or crowd in on the couch if we're all watching a movie.   So it's a rare sight to see Charlie sitting in a chair by himself.
"I'll just sit here all alone until someone notices me."
"Don't worry. I'm fine all by myself."

"No really ... If you don't want to sit with me, don't sit with me.
I don't need your pity!"
"Ahhh. Thanks Dad! That's what I call comfortable."
The pictures are posted for Alyce's super-fun Saturday Snapshot meme. To play along visit Alyce at At Home with Books