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Nicole Kidman won't say the N-word ... and other tales from the New York Film Festival #book2movie

The Paperboy,  based on Pete Dexter's novel opens nationwide today but the film screened this week at the New York Film Festival as part of a Gala Tribute to Nicole Kidman. 
Here's what the NYFF said on their website about the film and Kidman's performance as the highly sexualized Charlotte.
"The Paperboy positively oozes a kind of lurid, hothouse sensuality; there are plenty of revelations, but not of the kind anyone was expecting. As Charlotte, Nicole Kidman is simply terrific, conveying a kind of gritty eroticism that threatens to engulf any man who comes too close. "

Speaking to David Morgan of CBS, Kidman said this about the challenge of the role.
"For me the freedom of her sexuality was important. I didn't want to be saying 'No' to anything, which is an important part of being an actor, is learning not to shut down and not to say 'No,' and be completely free. I think as you get older you get a little more frightened - that's the thing that makes me want to go, 'Oh, screw this, I just want to push through that,' and never stop myself from fighting through my own insecurities."

Apparently, the only thing Kidman did say No to, was director Lee Daniel's request that she use the N-word, explaining she didn't think it was something her character would do.  Daniels explained to CBS "I talked to my producer - She won't say the N-word!" Daniels recalled. "My producer said, 'Lee, Day One, she's bent over a washing machine; Day Two, she urinates on Zac Efron; Day Three, she has telepathic sex. I think you can forgive her for [not using] the N-word."

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Visit the New York Film Festival, where you notice they are hyping the "SECRET" screening coming Monday night. A couple of years ago it was HUGO, last year it was BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. What will it be this year?
Shhh! It's LINCOLN based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals; here's the extended TV spot you might have seen following this week's presidential debate.