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First Paragraph: The Summer of France

This is my first time participating in First Paragraph. To play along simply post the intro paragraph to a book you're reading. I couldn't resist because fellow blogger Paulita at An Accidental Blog has a new book out, The Summer of France, which is now available on Nook, Kindle, and in paperback.  
Here's the intro:
The quiet of the house mocked me as I rummaged through the Sunday paper looking for the travel pages. I ignored the meticulously folded "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper and the yellow highlighter that my husband had placed on the counter to remind me that I'd been unemployed for two months and needed to find a job - soon. The ring of the kitchen phone saved me from isolation and from a job search as the thick accent of my aunt came across the crackly line inviting me to move to France.

I love the title, The Summer of France. Could there be a more romantic prospect? Like many Americans, J'adore France so even a fictional trip to the country gets me excited. The aunts voice crackling with her enticing invitation has me looking forward to the trip and the book. I will definitely be finishing this and reporting back. CONGRATS again to Paulita at An Accidental Blog!


  1. Thanks so much for using my book as your First Paragraph meme. I'm not sure how to convey the image of me jumping up and down. I wish I had an aunt who would invite me to France. I hope you love the book. Here's Mine

  2. I would like to visit France too--maybe I will have to pick this book up. Fun for you to get a comment from the author. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. Congratulations to Paulita!

  4. It's great to know the author isn't it? How wonderful that you're getting to read it so soon. I have so many scheduled book reads it's hard to fit something extra in, but I'm keen, and I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

  5. Since it is available in Kindle then the book can travel with me in my summer in France getaway!

    1. That's a pretty good combo Icey! Thanks for stopping by.


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