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Saturday Snapshot: The Game of Politics

My husband and I took a walk down 3rd Street Friday night. 3rd is a kinda trendy L.A. street chock full of restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, and tres cool stores. It's also the route to Old Navy; my husband loves their socks because they hug your feet and don't slide down. Quality plus they're only $5 for 3 pair. Ridiculous!
Anyway, since it's only a mile to Old Navy and it's such an interesting street, we hoofed it. It was a beautiful balmy evening and we found some great looking restaurants we want to try little by little.
And a gourmet shop that looks like it's part of a film set which I will have to check on in detail!
We were both struck by the following display in the window of a men's clothing shop.
It's Mitt and the President playing chess. Or getting ready to anyway. Romney is wearing a suit fashioned out of money while Barack's suit is more global in nature - the print is flags from around the world. Each of the men has their own bobble-head figurine acting as their King. The skin color for the President is a bit off but I imagine they just used their normal mannikins. We thought it was clever and made us both smile. Something we need to do more of this election season!
These pictures are for Saturday Snapshot , the fun meme hosted by Alyce at At Home With Books.
And that's it for the politics.