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MUST SEE Les Miz Extended First Look

OH WOW! This long first look behind the scenes of Les Miserables is really exciting. I think Tom Hooper's decision to have a piano on set to play along as the actors sing is one of those genius moves that separates the boys from the men. It definitely demonstrates the kind of brilliance that earned Hooper his Academy Award for The Kings Speech. I can't wait to see this.


  1. Yes, I saw this clip and it's just amazing. Tom Hooper is definitely bringing the film adaptation of musicals to a new height. This is one of my must-see, highly anticipated films in the next few months. Just saw Midnight's Children, and look forward to Life of Pi coming up. Great film season coming. ;)

    1. Absolutely. I went to see The Master last night and the three films they ran trailers for were all based on books: Silver Linings Playbook, Cloud Atlas and Killing them softly.
      I need to check out Midnight's Children - I don't think its reached our shores yet.


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