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Gosling for Gone Girl

Word and Film - where I snagged the visual - has a short interview with Gillian Flynn on the adaptation of her thrilling thriller. It's so short I'm cutting and pasting it in full right here.
I have one question. If Reese Witherspoon is Amy, what actor should play her husband Nick? See what Flynn has to say then weigh in with your thoughts. I'm voting for Ryan Gosling but then I always am!

"Word & Film: Reese Witherspoon is going to be perfect for the part of Amy. What piece of her persona or talents do you think will come into play most in the film?
Gillian Flynn: I think Reese is an absolutely stunning actress. I still remember one lazy afternoon in college at a friend’s place, and on cable came the movie “The Man in the Moon.” I remember thinking: “Who is that girl? She’s fantastic.” I seriously remember that moment. I was eating Dunkin’ Donuts and sitting on a smelly papasan chair; that’s how well I remember it. It’s not every day an actor jumps off the screen at you like that, and that was her first film. I’ve been a fan ever since. I think even when Reese is playing comedy, she has an edge, and it will be a blast to see her take on all of Amy’s angles.

W&F: What talents or traits will the actor perfect for the part of Nick bring to the table?
GF: It’s going to be a fantastic role for the right actor, because he has to be charming and witty and charismatic, but you also have to believe he may have killed his wife. He has to be able to do some very unlikable things and yet still be likable. A serious balancing act, but I think the right actor will have a lot of fun with it.
W&F: You’ve had experience with adaptations in the past. What, for you, is the most challenging part of the process?
GF: Realizing that some of your favorite scenes in the book just don’t belong in the movie. You have some moments that you just get attached to as a writer, and they bring a richness to a novel, but they would just bog down a film — you’ve got to let them go."